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Our Supporters

  • Help the Mission, Canada
  • Fr. Roberts St. Benedict Charity, Canada
  • Rotary Club of Steveston, Canada
  • Our Lady Mission Club, Canada
  • L'Hôtel du Vieux-Québec
  • Best light communication, Canada (managing our website)
  • United Children of the World Charitable Trust, England
  • Missionary Childhood, Rome
  • Collin Ltd, Barbados
  • St. George’s University, Grenada, - Dr. Mc Gill
  • Luise Casson Foundation, St. Vincent, W. I.
  • St. Vincent Motors, St. Vincent, W. I.
  • Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Super J Supermarket, St. Vincent, W. I.
  • Trinity School of Medicine, St. Vincent, W.I.
  • All Saints University, St. Vincent, W.I.
  • Mustique Charitable Trust, St. Vincent, W.I.
  • Mustique Home Owners, St. Vincent, W.I.
  • Vinsure, St. Vincent, W.I.
  • Yes Programme Volunteers, St. Vincent, W.I.
  • Compass Publishing, St. Vincent, W. I.
  • Davy’s Agro Industries Ltd. St. Vincent, W.I.

TO ALL OUR VALUED SUPPORTERS of this Institution, from its reception in 1953, onwards.

Thanks and praise for your generous support and concern.

God bless you!